Cremation Overview

Cremation is considered a form of final disposition. The state of Florida mandates that each deceased is brought through an arrangement process to put forth a final form of disposition. Final forms of disposition include burial, cremation or removal from state.

Treasure Coast Cremations is a web-based resource that allows you, the legal next of kin, to facilitate the cremation process with an online step-by-step process for the complete action of final disposition through cremation without the undue circumstance or often times, unavailable option, of being local for the required arrangement process for cremation. The packages offered by Treasure Coast Cremations are inclusive to the services and merchandise selections required for completion. Additional products and services are available for the enhancement of your arrangement. These items are available but are not necessary for the cremation process to be completed. Enhancement items or services will be selected after your package selections and the necessary addition of cash advanced items.

No up-charging or salesmanship is in the detailing of your arrangement and we are not a subcontracting, corporate, or volume cremation store.

We are proudly a local family-operated company.

Included items and services for each package are:

  • Local transportation of your loved one to the care of Treasure Coast Cremations facilities.
  • The selected container for your loved one prior to the cremation process being performed.
  • Sheltering and refrigeration of your loved one prior to the cremation process.
  • The act of cremation; registering the vital statistics and all required documentation/authorizations for the cremation and death certificate.
  • The urn or receptacle for the cremated remains following the act of cremation per package selection.


Cremation Arrangement Process


  • The cremation CANNOT be started until 48 hours from the time of death. (Florida Statutes 872.03)
  • A Cremation Authorization must be signed by the legal next of kin(s) and be in the possession of the funeral home or cremation facility.
  • The Death Certificate must be completed by the funeral home, from the information provided by the next of kin. It is then electronically sent to the individual physician, or medical examiner of the district, which then must complete the medical portion of the certificate. The physician legally has 72 hours to complete and electronically send the certificate back to the funeral home and the state health department. The time frame for this is not always certain, since the physician is not always present in his office, and weekends and holidays are also involved.
  • No human remains may be cremated until the medical examiner of the district in which the death occurred, has reviewed the completed death certificate and a permit number has been issued by the State of Florida. The fee for the approval will vary depending on the district involved.
  • The cremation schedule of the crematory will determine the completion and the return of the cremated remains. The crematory’s normal hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • We cannot make any guarantee as to the delivery of the cremated remains because of the above variable. We recommend that you do not schedule any disposition of the cremated remains until the completion time of the cremation process can be determined. Average turnaround time is 7-10 days from the date of passing.


The FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, or the F.T.C., closely regulates the many industries in the United States and the Funeral Industry is one that has very clear guideline to the fair operation of a compliant business in practice with a client family. Treasure Coast Cremations complies and provides to any prospective client complete and full price disclosure including but not limited to itemized understandings for each package for selection. A completed contract will include every aspect of service and merchandise selected with a line-by-line inventory of said charges as mandated in the Funeral Service Rule regarding a completed Statement of Funeral Goods and Services selected.

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