Treasure Coast Cremations is a company that is proud to be family owned and operated locally by the Haisley family, here on the beautiful Treasure Coast of Florida. It is a subsidiary company of Haisley Funeral & Cremation Service in Ft. Pierce and Port St. Lucie. The Haisley mission is one of genuine mutual respect with the community that has been earned through the many years of dedicated service to those here in our Treasure Coast community. The Haisley name is one that has become synonymous through the years with compassionate service, integrity and professionalism. For over 40 years, it has been these long standing standards of practice, coupled with our passion to grow in service and innovation, that has been the inspiration for Treasure Coast Cremations.

Treasure Coast Cremations, as a company, is a trusted family resource. We allow you, our client, to self educate, navigate and create your own arrangement for cremation of your loved one through our detailed step by step web suite. All facets of the cremation process are outlined; from the statistical and legal requirements, to each personal choice. Every facet and detail of the process is overseen by our directors and compassionate staff. Unlike many other providers, every point of service required for the completion of your loved one’s arrangement is performed here locally. Your loved one does not travel to “offsite” crematories and never leaves our staff’s care. We provide the local professional service you can trust while offering you, our client, the technological innovation required to keep pace with our ever changing personal and professional environments.

Treasure Coast Cremations is your trusted provider of affordable and reliable cremation service. The Treasure Coast Cremations family is at your service with only one click and one call.